About KlingonAcademy.com

Site History

KlingonAcademy.com was launched in 1999 in the run-up to the release of Klingon Academy by original site operators Ben and Tom, following the release of the game Kunal (Klingon Academy UK) and Craig (Klingon Academy War Room) joined the team. KlingonAcademy.com was one of the largest community sites for the game, the site covered official news along with the rapid influx of user made modifications for the game.

Unfortunately in November 2000 the site was hacked and was deleted in an act of vandalism which very nearly destroyed the community that formed on KlingonAcademy.com, following the hack I contacted the site operators to ask if I could join the team and help rebuild. After the hack, the original site operators moved on to other projects and over the following years fans of the game rebuilt the community and continued to support the game.