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Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r5

Postby John » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:59 pm

Updated test releases of a combined patch for Klingon Academy is now available here, these will hopefully provide a more streamlined experience of getting Klingon Academy up and running on modern operating systems.

Downloads Updated: 22:40 GMT - 8th December 2018

There was a bug in the initial release that caused the patch to fail during installation, the release has been refreshed and the issue is hopefully now corrected. Thanks to sean8711 for reporting the issue.

New in Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r5

Launcher New Features:
After the combined patch is applied there are two new tabs in the settings dialog of the new launcher.

- Movies
When used this will automatically copy all Klingon Academy movies from the original CD media to the correct location on the users hard drive, this will remove the need to use the CD's when playing the single player campaign.

- Logs
The log viewer makes use of the d3demu.log file provided by Komat's wrapper, when opened via the launcher it displays information for the last game session only.

Patch New Features/Fixes:

- Installation Directory Detection
The patch should now automatically detect your Klingon Academy installation directory whilst also providing the option to manually select a different directory if you have multiple installations. By default the patch will look for a registry key left by the original Interplay installer.

- Antivirus False Positives
Prior versions of the combined patch have been falsely flagged by various Antivirus products, with 1.02r5 I have attempted to reduce this problem but only time will tell how successful it is. At the moment it has a relatively clean report, VirusTotal report results for the package and its components are available here. VirusTotal is not a real world environment so if you have had issues with prior versions of the patch being flagged by your Antivirus product I would be interested in any feedback on how 1.02r5 performs.

Game Fixes:

- Mission 9 Cutscene Fix
There was a minor error in the debriefing cutscene selection after mission 9 was completed.

Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r5 (UK & US), download here.
Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r5 (German), download here.

A combined patch for Klingon Academy UK & US / German that includes:

- Klingon Academy Patch v1.02 by Interplay
- Multithreading & Rendering Fixes by Komat
- Replacement Launcher (Includes wrapper configuration, movie installation and log viewing options.) by John
- Mission 9 Cutscene Fix by John
- Screenshot Fix

This patch assumes that you have freshly installed Klingon Academy from the original Interplay CD installation media on Windows 7 x86/x64 or above which also has the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above installed for the replacement launcher.
Read full news: Here
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