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Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r7

Postby John » Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:45 pm

New releases of the combined patches for Klingon Academy are now available, these patches will hopefully provide a more streamlined experience of getting Klingon Academy up and running on modern operating systems. Thanks to Jiri Dvorak (Komat), without his work on the wrapper the game would not be playable today. Thanks also to Michael Groschupp (CISN_Destroyer) for providing the German translations for the new launcher.

New in Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r7

Launcher Fixes:

- Movies
Various bugs have been fixed that could under some circumstances cause Movie installation to fail.

- Log Viewer
Clearing the log file could sometimes fail if the file had been redirected by Windows to the VirtualStore.

- Theme Music
Someone requested a quick way to change the theme music (Sorry, I lost the e-mail), that option is now available by right clicking the Speaker icon with left click used for muting. MP3 & WAV files are supported, this was in r6 but it was broken at the time or release.



Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r7 (UK & US), download here.
Klingon Academy Combined Patch 1.02r7 (German), download here.

A combined patch for Klingon Academy UK & US / German that includes:

- Klingon Academy Patch v1.02 by Interplay
- Multithreading & Rendering Fixes by Komat
- Replacement Launcher (Includes wrapper configuration, movie installation and log viewing options.) by John
- Mission 9 Cutscene Fix by John
- Screenshot Fix

This patch assumes that you have freshly installed Klingon Academy from the original Interplay CD installation media on Windows 7 x86/x64 or above which also has the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above installed for the replacement launcher.

I would appreciate it if any anti-virus false positives, bug reports or feedback could be posted in the comments thread of this news post. Keep on eye on the thread for updates.
Read full news: Here
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