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Klingon Academy Grows John 11:00pm (GMT) 2/12/2000

A few shots of the K'vort class from Captain Hayes, This is one ship I would not want to find in a nebula.

A few mod releases from CaptCarrera, They are the USS Blackhawk and the Borg Queens Diamond you can get them both here. If you get page not found right click on the link and select "Save Target As"

Also a note from Kang about a virus that could affect you, Get the info here.

We Are The Borg John 5:40pm (GMT) 1/12/2000

I just got to say thank you to all of you that have stayed with KlingonAcademy.com while I have been trying to get things back to normal, it seems things are well on the way.

I hope you can all make it.

A few new releases from the Delta Prime Shipyards The Akira, Ambassador and Borg sphere are now on beta release.
Get the Ambassador here
Get the Akira here
Get the Borg Shpere here

Also to go with the new ship releases is a new script from RedHotChiliDog here's the details.

To celebrate the arrival of the Ambassador, Akira, and Borg Sphere mods by DPS, I have created a new multiplay DPS MiniFest mission to play these ships on-line in a multiplay environment. This mission plays just like the normal battlefest, but it only has the above 3 ship mods in it. You MUST have the above mentioned ship mods by DPS, or the script will not work. Get the mission at my website here.

I just got a picture of a new type of Borg cube from Tbone.

Scripting Answers John 11:50pm (GMT) 30/11/2000

Hi all, I sent some of the scripting questions to Rene and have the answers here.

Mod's, Mod's and More Mod's John 3:00pm (GMT) 29/11/2000

From these pictures Klingon Academy will live for a long while yet, Well done guys.

First a new ship from Captain Hayes, Here we have the USS Saratoga which you can get here. Also there is a new update to the Cardassian mod here.

A new ship on the way from Kosh, The USS Dauntless she's looking great.

New from CaptCarrera is the Uss Black Hawk.

Also check out White Tigers Federation roup enrolment poster here.

Keep Those Mods Coming John 8:30pm (GMT) 28/11/2000

I just recived an update from Wac about his new and as yet unknown ship, Looks interesting.

YES!!! John 6:30pm (GMT) 27/11/2000

All I have to say on this one is Thank You RedHotChiliDog Read below for details of the Quick Battle game with a max of 46 ships.

I have made a modified QB script that permits more than 8 ships per team. The way I had to accomplish this was a little funky, so here is a more detailed explanation from the readme.txt file:

This is a modified quick battle script. This version of QB will create 3 ships for every AI ship you pick on the QB selection screen. Basically, if you picked 8 ships for your team and you picked 8 ships for the enemy team, you would have a total of 46 ships in the game!

Unfortunately, due to the way KA was done, this script has to replace the normal QB script. The QB startup screen will not appear if the file is renamed. I suspect that the executable program has the script name hardcoded into it. If you want to play the normal QB, you would have to rename, delete, or move the quick.int file in your scripts folder.

Basically, the game will create wings of 3 ships for each AI ship you select. This will permit for much larger battles.

Get the mission at my website

Another nice ship on the way from Captain Hayes, here we have a Cheyenne class.

Mod update John 4:00pm (GMT) 26/11/2000

Some new pictures of the DPS Akira and Steamrunner.

Updates John 4:30pm (GMT) 25/11/2000

An update from RedHotChiliDog concerning a new battlefest script.

I wrote a new multiplay mission based on my Battlefest script. It plays just like a battlefest, but you cycle thru a series of TNG ships. Here is an excerpt from my readme.txt file:

"This is a Klingon Academy version of the battlefest mission from Starfleet Command. You start with a Defiant and work your way up to a Borg Cube. When your Borg Cube is destroyed, you are respawned as a Federation Probe for the purpose of keeping the host game alive, and to also let these players roam and watch the others play.

These are the ships you get: Defiant, Galor, Warbird, Nebula, Sovereign, Borg Cube, Federation Probe

When your Defiant is destroyed, you respawn as a Galor. When your Galor is destroyed, you respawn as a Warbird, etc..... The winner is the first person who has a non-probe ship in the game.

This mission requires the following ship mods:
DPS Defiant
Captain Hayes Galor
Captain Hayes Warbird
M???r?k?r Nebula
DPS Sovereign
M???r?k?r Borg Cube"

You can find the script here.

A mod on the way up from Captain Hayes. It's the Ferangi D'Kora class vessel.