Ship Refit Tool 2.0 Release

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Ship Refit Tool 2.0 Release

Postby teeth_03 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:17 am ...

***Klingon Academy Command Line Interface Ship Refit Tool***
(Lets just call it the "SRT" for short)
By Denacity (formerly teeth_03)

I. Installation:

1. If you have Windows 8 or 10 and have KA installed under Program Files (x86), you might want to edit the permissions of the folder first so 'Everyone' has access to it, to prevent any weirdness since we are using the command line to edit files inside the KA folder.
1A. Right Click on your KA folder, Properties, Security Tab
1B. Click Edit
1C. Type 'everyone' in the box and click ok
1D. Click Everyone in the list, click the Full Control under Allow, and click OK twice.
2. Copy the Contents of this .zip to your KA Install
3. Under the 'Refit' folder, there is a 'path.txt' file. Put the exact path of your KA install there and save it, without quotes. I could probably automate this step, but meh.
4. Also under the 'Refit' Folder is a 'QBSHIPS.txt' file. This file needs to go in your 'scripts' folder on the root of the KA folder, but I didn't want to overwrite any existing file from other mods so I let you guys do it manually. You can also grab the lines out of that file and add them to your existing one if you want.
5. Make a shortcut to the 'Refit\Refit.bat' for easy access

II. Usage:

Click on the Refit.bat file and you are presented with a menu asking you what Race's ships you want to edit. Type the corresponding number and hit Enter. Then you will pick the ship, and it will guide you through the options you can use to edit the selected ship. You can keep the script running while you play, and if you are at the main menu of the game, you can tab out to edit ships and tab back in without restarting the game. Just don't edit the ship you are using if the game is actually loaded, could be weird.

At the main menu of the script there is also an option to let you pick the race of the ships you can play as in the main campaign of the game. For this reason, I gave the Federation ships the option for a cloaking device (with the exception of the 2 Battleships), so make sure you enable that if you want to play the campaign as a Federation or other non cloaking race.

The ships you edit are copies of the stock ships, denoted with either an R after the class (BCH or BCHR) or Refit at the end of the ship name (Excelsior or Excelsior Refit). This is so if you play the campaign, only you the player will use the ship you customized for yourself. When playing Quick Battle, look for the R's at the end of the classes.

III. Other Notes:

1. When you start editing a ship, it first resets it back to a default configuration so the script knows how to edit it, so if you start Refitting a ship and stop part of the way through, it wont neccessarily have the same options that you picked before.

2. Most of the ships have the same number of weapons as stock, but some of them were converted to other types to allow for more options. The only exception is the Federation Constitution CA, I felt it could use another weapon on the front so it has 2 Photon Torps plus a changable Heavy weapon. The only other weird change I made, was I made a copy of the Klingon Shuttle and balanced it with the Federation Assault Shuttle and gave it a Photon Torp, that way the Klingons had a heavy fighter option.

3. The BCH, DN and BB of each race have options for fighters. As mentioned before, the Federation ships have options for Cloaking Device.

4. I have included a customized set of Campaign scripts that lets you pick what ship you play as for each mission, under the 'scripts\playership.txt' file, and with presets for the available races. Feel free to manually edit it, just place a QBSHIPS line on the corresponding line. I do not take credit for this script, someone else made it.

IV. Version History:

2.0: This version includes the Klingon and Federation Races, the Romulans are planned for 3.0 and Tholians/Gorn planned for 4.0

1.0: This version just had the Klingons.

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Re: Ship Refit Tool 2.0 Release

Postby LeDaniel » Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:45 pm

I will try it now :eek: !!!!!!!

PS: I do it something wrong. Its not working me, its not working me :?

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